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Industrial Refrigeration System & HVAC Spare parts supply.

Find in our company, AACORE SUPPLY, your trusted company to access the best refrigeration systems, as well as original spare parts for HVAC. Since in our company we are specialized in the sale of these products, it allows us to have a deep knowledge of the functionalities of the different models and their applications so that you can have the service you need. As experts in industrial refrigeration systems, we are very clear about the importance for our clients, industries and companies dedicated to the manufacture, production of energy, storage, and distribution of a wide variety of products, to have a suitable temperature, ventilation, and humidity to their specific activity, that is why we put at your disposal a complete online store where you can access everything you need. At AACORE SUPPLY we work with all types of refrigeration systems, as well as CO2 evaporators, Aero coolers, direct and indirect systems, and multi-stage systems.

HVAC: Spare Parts and accessories for refrigeration system, Air conditioning, Heating & ventilation.

We are specialists in the sale of OEM spare parts and accessories for refrigeration, counting on a wide variety of HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) references. In this way we make sure that our customers have everything they need for the installation, maintenance, and repair of their industrial refrigeration systems, since we are very aware of the importance of their continuous functioning correctly and without interruptions.

Industries in which industrial refrigeration systems are of vital importance.

Industrial refrigeration systems are necessary in some sectors for the correct development of their activity or production process, among which we can highlight food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, petrochemicals, electric power generation, laser welding, production refineries, automotive, satellite systems, etc. All of them require refrigeration systems and equipment that are fully adapted to their specific needs, with a refrigeration cycle that optimizes energy consumption and has the least possible impact on the environment, for which the type of refrigerant you use is key. since it will depend on it to achieve maximum efficiency.

Specialists in refrigeration systems for cold rooms (Walk-in coolers & Walk-in freezers)

Our salespeople are specialists in refrigeration systems, and in walk-in cooler & walk-in freezers, they take care that your refrigerated warehouses, and their cooling systems, have everything you need to enjoy efficient industrial refrigeration, and capable of achieving a heat exchange in a commercial or industrial space with the lowest consumption and impact on the environment. Depending on the refrigeration systems that your company uses, we can offer you liquid refrigerant, expansion valves, stainless steel refrigeration doors, counters and motor starters, thermostats, pressure switches, heat exchangers, water pumps and motors, sensors, refrigeration compressors, equipment cold and many other elements. All the references we work with at AACORE SUPPLY are from the best manufacturers in the refrigeration systems sector, which use top quality materials such as copper tubing and aluminum strip, elements required for their assembly.

Spare parts for cold rooms (walk-in coolers & walk-in freezers)

To have all the benefits of your cooling systems, your walk-in cooler & walk-in freezer (cold rooms). At AACORE SUPPLY we make sure to always have all the original spare parts that you may need in stock. Likewise, we provide you with a fast supply of all your orders (we have more than 50 million euros in stock) so that you can obtain the greatest benefit, in the investments made in the refrigeration system, and without delays so as not to affect your levels of productivity or quality in the products stored in your cold rooms.


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